RackedHosting.com is having a server clearout!

RackedHosting.com in the AlphaRed datacenter recieved a lot of servers at clearance prices, so were passing the savings along to our customers!
ALSO, exclusive to Racked Hosting, AlphaRed's FIRST EVER datacenter tour. Click here for the never before seen tour of the AlphaRed datacenter.

Now to the savings! These servers are perfect for shared hosts starting up, or looking to expand their server range. With destinct bandwidth options, and upgrades easily available, you can satisfy all of your customer's bandwidth needs. All servers are connected via an AboveNET uplink, for the best global connection.

--13 Available--

P4 3.0 GHz
1 x 200 GB SATA HDD

Bandwidth Options:

Metered - 10 Mbit Port
1500 GB - $154 / m
2000 GB - $174 / m
3000 GB - $194 / m

Unmetered - Capped
** 20 Mbit - $349 / m ** SPECIAL
35 Mbit - $799 / m
50 Mbit - $1100 / m

Operating Systems Available: CentOS 3.5, Fedora, FreeBSD, Debian, Gentoo, Windows Server 2003 Web (+$15/m), Windows Server 2003 Standard (+$25/m)

100 Mbps Port - $15 / m
Add additional 200GB HD: $80 one time
Add additional 512MB: $25/m for three months
Add additional 1GB: $55/m for three months
Add 10Megabits: $249 / m
Add 1000GB Transfer: $100 / m

Cpanel Control Panel: $25/m

Cpanel + Full Server Management: $57/m
Full Server Software Management is a ticket based system with techs on the other end waiting to solve any problems you might have with your server. Whether it be an account not working, software failures, or any other general or major problems, our techs will solve your problem quickly and efficiently! They'll even install any software that you require on your server! A plan such as this is superb for starter Shared Hosting companies, or shared hosting companies which do not have time to deal with small server issues.

Server Management: $40/m
You can purchase our server management package to have your non RackedHosting.com server managed and looked after by our technicians. The server must have Cpanel installed in order to qualify for this management solution.

Adult Content? YES
Premium Bandwidth? YES
Basic Setup Time - 12 hours!!!**

If you would like to order a server, please visit http://www.rackedhosting.com/lotorder.php

For more information, please email [email protected].

** Setup time does not include servers ordered with Cpanel, or with any special instructions.