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    * Please help : 2CO pending sales

    I recently sold an eproduct for 50$ using It is currently a pending sale. I transferred the product to my customer but when this amout will be podit in my account. Besides how i tell 2CO that i transferred the goods to customer so that they deposi money in my account ( i am talking about deposit amount in 2CO account not bank account).

    Here is an advice from me : NEVER NEVER USE 2CO, IT SUCKS.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend anyone to ever use 2CO either. They have slow customer support, they don't deposit your money when they're supposed to and the service really isn't all that great.

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    They have a pending period of a week or something. I guess this is to avoid any chargeback. I dont think this is anything to do with you transfer your goods to your customer or not.

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    Thanks guys.

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