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    Versaweb Support?

    Been with Versaweb for alittle under a month now, speed and uptime are ok but I will have to comment that their support is very very slow. I've sent in about a total of 3 support tickets and my first ticket took over 38 hrs to receive a reply and my next ticket took over 14 hrs for a reply. I've just sent in my ticket asking for a password reset since it seems like my password isn't working anymore. Its been about 4 hrs and still waiting.. Is versaweb better before? Since I definately don't want to switch hosts again, but if this continues.. I might just have to..


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    I'd suggest for you to contact them directly about the issue or start a thread on their forums.
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    I've contacted them via their forums, and helpdesk already.. Finally my ticket was answered after I contacted him on msn today and talked it out.. He says they're acquiring additional staff by mid aug, hope its true.

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    Well I can't say their support is good or bad....
    sometimes they reply very quick even on low priority tickets and sometimes they reply very late even on emergency or urgent priority tickets.

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