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    How to install Cpanel on an Apache off XAMPP?

    Hi guys,

    I'm doing some offline testing at the moment and have installed XAMPP which includes Apache into a folder on my local machine.

    I've heard good things about CPanel and want to try it out.

    I already have the Cpanel-7[1].1.0-RELEASE_20-Linux-i686-glibc-2.1.tar.gz file.

    How do I "install" the Cpanel to work with my offline test server? The instructions at doesn't seem to help me out.


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    Cpanel can't install on home network if you haven't dedicated ip's and it is not a public ip's.
    Also you not need any apache installer because Cpanel come with all required software include apache, php, mysql and etc.
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    Oh so you're saying that I can't do offline testing with Cpanel? Just like how I'm setting up a forums now but am doing it offline with Xampp and Vbulletin (offline using the or localhost address).

    For Cpanel it must be installed on an webhosting IP address account?

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    I hope i am not correct on this one, and that i am not breaking the rules.

    There is only one way you can get a cPanel7 file (a warez network) and it has been acknowledged by the cPanel crew that 7 was the version that was crackable (8 had the introduction of IP validation and 9 had the introduction of IP+Hardware validation.) and 7 operates off a serial code from what i know.


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    if you don't have static ips you cannot install cPanel on your home network, however, if you do have a static IP, you can do this.

    However, judging by the name and age and version of that file, it was from a warez network of some type, I would really suggest not using it, as cPanel does not take kindly to people pirating their software...

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