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Thread: Who else ....

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    Who else ....

    Who else here has been getting a lot of requests for free webhosting from people that go something like this...

    Dear Sir/Madam

    To be frank, I got your good hosting inbfo from the famous site
    webhostingtalk.con and you are really good reutated.
    So I try to write to you for help.

    In factI bought the domain *** yesterday and it's really my
    favourate domai name.But As an Asian student.
    I have no paypal account yet.So I ccannot buy your hosting on the
    line.I am sure my site will be very good cos I did
    really good on cms site like *** which is also designed by me
    So I wish you can offer free hosting for me and I will put your ads code
    in my webisite.More people will know it and it make more money for
    you.My domain is **** if you can offer hosting for me my details are ***
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    I've seen some like those before. I generally close the ticket/delete the e-mails.
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    that must be annoying IMO

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    yeah I get those periodically also from various no namers. It is in deed a tad annoying at times but welp yeah just delete and be done typically.

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    Along with those many times I have seen younger people without a creditcard or paypal account asking for the same thing. It can be frustrating at times but being professional now could help as sometimes they will spread the word about you to others later on.
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    Just send them to problem solvered (for those aussies)
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    I haven't gotten any. Thank God.

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    I got this one yesterday. I wish they would find a free host instead of bothering people who are trying to run a legit business.

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    I'm sure there are a few hosts here that cost $1/month i don't think they will lose too much helping a poor guy have a little space free.
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    Probably not Only people I will give free space to would be local churches or non profit groups, not someone emailing me for space.

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    Originally posted by zopiwebhosting
    Probably not Only people I will give free space to would be local churches or non profit groups, not someone emailing me for space.
    Agreed. I currently host a small NPO for free that wouldn't otherwise have the extra expenses to spend on web hosting.
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    Just delete them. there harmless but annoying.

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