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    Professional Hosting Template Wanted

    Let me see what you got to offer:


    Windows XP Themes and Icons:
    ( But all will be considered )

    I want:

    Main Page
    Sub Page # 1
    Sub Page # 2

    Images Needed
    Header Bars for Pages i.e. Dedicated Servers,Basic Plan, Support etc.

    I want the template coded into HTML and with an organized PSD

    I would like the template to be .CSS / XHTML 1.0 compliant
    ( Not Required but nice )

    I want professional not flashy. I love XP colors with gradient effects of primary colors.

    PM me or email me at [email protected] with a link to view " IN ACTION" not screenshots. Also PM me or post the same with asking price.

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    I am almost done with my first template.. will be emailing you soon.

    - Theo - Defiant to Boundaries
    aim: aimtheodea icq: 280307610 | msn / email: info[at]

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    I am very much interested in the job....will get in touch soon.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I have responded to those whom I like. For new people who want to respond, I will save you some time. Please review the entire post for specs and send examples. Also I am by far not a newbie to buying templates as I have purchased literally hundreds of exclusive designs.

    If you are going to submit your design with prices that are unfathomable then please save your time. I know the design market well and I pay going rates. I user designers in Viet Nam , The Phillipines and India on a regular basis. I am looking for something with a different perspective thus the posting.

    Please submit your works if interested, Once again thanks for looking.

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