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    apache hangs when making initial connection


    I made a thread yesterday about my apache woes, but I think it went a little off course, and I now have a more understandable explanation of the problem.

    It seems that Apache is lagging when trying to make the initial connection. Then once it connects, it loads quickly, and the subsequent keep-alive requests are as fast as ever, but once the Keep-Alive timeout has been reached and the connection killed, there is another lag to make a new connection.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? There are no performance issues when this is happening; server loads are low, memory usage is normal, traffic is light.

    I am on a CentOS 3.5/CPanel server with 1gb of ram and dual 3ghz proc's, with APF and apache w/mod_sec/mod_dosevasive.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It can be caused by anything from firewall/ids config to buggy apache build.
    Try to run Apache 'ab' utility from another machine, and see what stats it gives on Connect, Processing, and Waiting times, both with keep-alive turned on and off.
    I'd also suggest creating a virtual host on some other port than 80 and checking it's speed. Also try building apache from sources with default settings (no mod_sec, mod_dosevasive etc) into different directory layout, and check it's speed.

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