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    Very Clean/Pro Stylish Hosting Template. (Unique/Coded/PSD/Flash)

    Greetings Yaxay members :cofee:

    We are selling a clean/pro stylish template created by myself & coded by Kyle. The template is targetted for a Hosting company or any hardware/computer related business/firm. The template is fresh & has been finished recently. This template will only be sold once with full rights of reselling & ownership.

    What do you get?
    - PSD (template)
    - Flash source file (flash header)
    - Illustrator source file (logo)
    - index.html
    - subpage.html
    - All used fonts
    - Full rights
    + Free costumization

    View The Template Here:

    Bidding starts at 50$
    The buy out is 80$
    * Payment method: Paypal

    You may bid here or PM me (I'll keep this topic updated)

    Friendly regards.

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    Nice work! I like the servers.

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    Nice design. goodluck selling it bro.

    - Theo - Defiant to Boundaries
    aim: aimtheodea icq: 280307610 | msn / email: info[at]

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    Thats nice man Where did you get the servers from? (the image)

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    Thank you for the compliments everyone. Hope to get it sold fast!

    The server I bought from a fellow designer (full rights )

    PS: I mixed Yaxay up with WHT above, my apoligies for this.

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    Thank you Talkfreelance!

    Recieved a bid of 50$. Anyone goes higher?

    - Auction ends tommorow (29 July) 9 PM GMT.

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    - Auction ended!

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