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    Selling 150+ uniques A DAY!

    The site has been slowly listing on search engines etc. and is growing in popularity!

    At current, it has a developed forum on it, and the posts / style will come with the purchase. (but not the vb liscence)

    Also comes with a custom made banner, which i paid for!!

    I have some bills to pay, so i have to sell it off

    PM me with offer

    Current offer stands at $200

    Please PM me or post here with any questions!

    EDIT: Also has an alexa rank of 330,000!
    And is also #1 on MSN for "rock forums"

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    "Moved to Other Offers and Requests Forum because it has a developed site as well."
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Sorry about that.


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    Recieved offer of $210

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    Recieved offer of $400

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