If you need a custom design done for very cheap prices im your man. Ive done many different types of templates, logos (with simple flash), banners, etc. I work hard and non stop to finish your design to insure very limited waiting time. I slice templates with precision by hand and label them for easy access and identification.

I am also an experienced HTML coder. I can code a template expanding so you don't have to deal with those pesky Iframes. Setting up sliced templates is my specialty. I will setup your sliced template and make as many pages as you need.

I can also write detailed tutorials for you personally or for your website in HTML and Photoshop/Image Ready. I get very indepth and I don't skip on detail when writing a tutorial.

Thank you for taking this time out of your busy day to read this. If you think anyhting I have said here can help you in any way please contaact me:

EMAIL: [email protected]
AIM: afirulz89

Use either of these resources or PM me and I wil give you a price quote on what you need. My prices don't usually exceed 75$ (Thats for a big temp) unless it requires coding more than 30 pages. Im willing to do lots of work so don't think anything is "too" much. Thank you.