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    Arrow Edit DNS Zone Template

    How to edit a DNS Zone Template for automatticly insert SPF entry for new account created? I edit the zone template but don´t work.

    I made so:

    In DNS Functions > Edit Zone Template > Simple
    I insert after last line this: %domain%. IN TXT "v=spf1"

    And when I create new account the SPF entry isn´t there.

    I tried also in simple, standard and standardvirtualftp.

    What´s wrong?

    Thank you.

    PS: Sorry by English

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    What system are you using? Is it CPanel or some other panel?

    Most probably your quotes are not processed right (escaped?).

    You could find out where your template goes (to which file) and edit that file by hand.

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    I use WHM/cPanel

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    I basically have the same question. Yes I did try search to find the answer.
    I am about to change servers. Can I change the “edit zone template” on the new server before I transfer account via WHM so that all the account on the new server will have the correct SPF record. On WHM there are three templates

    standardvirtualftp - used for creating a the default zone on a new account with a virtual ftp ip
    simple - used for creating a zone with only an A entry for the domain.
    standard - used for creating a the default zone on a new account and parked/addon domains

    I believe I would use the “standard” template which says

    ; cPanel %cpversion%
    ; Zone file for %domain%
    $TTL %ttl%
    @ %nsttl% IN SOA %nameserver%. %rpemail%. (
    %serial% ; serial, todays date+todays
    86400 ; refresh, seconds
    7200 ; retry, seconds
    3600000 ; expire, seconds
    86400 ) ; minimum, seconds

    %domain%. %nsttl% IN NS %nameserver%.
    %domain%. %nsttl% IN NS %nameserver2%.
    %domain%. %nsttl% IN NS %nameserver3%.
    %domain%. %nsttl% IN NS %nameserver4%.

    %domain%. IN A %ip%

    localhost.%domain%. IN A

    %domain%. IN MX 0 %domain%.
    What should be changed and what should be added?
    Does the above info look correct?

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    I guess I was wrong. I thought we had some smart people here who could answer a simple question like this.

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    you need to edit the "standardvirtualftp" and add

    %domain%. IN TXT "v=spf1 mx ~all"

    this should work, i tested it my self

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    Check the templates in /var/cpanel/zonetemplates and edit them manually.
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    I was also wondering the same. Does this change affect *only* new dns zones or existing ones as well? I need to add spf records for a few domains on my server with whm/cpanel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalinga
    you need to edit the "standardvirtualftp" and add

    %domain%. IN TXT "v=spf1 mx ~all"

    this should work, i tested it my self
    It works why is mx set to all?

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    If you modify the zone template, then the newly created accounts will get the effect. Not the old ones. To modify the old spf records you need to manuelly modify the zone files here: /var/named/There you can the domain.db files and you need to modify according your choice. And as you want to add spf records for few domains then it is better you do it manuelly. Modifing zone files will do it for all newly created domains.Best regards
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    Check out the free scripts at

    They have one called rebuildnamedzones which I believe is what you are looking for.

    Here is a link to their scripts.

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