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    I think my server is caching pages

    I've got a few webpages on a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition machine, and very often when I try to change a file or upload a newer version of a file to overwrite an older version, and then go test out the changes in a web browser, I won't see any of the changes. Sometimes even when I delete the file all together, it still appears to have access to it through the browser. This even happens after clearing all cookies and temporary internet files and history on the client side. I conclude, therefore, that Windows Server 2003 must be caching the pages on its own and referring to those instead of the newer/updated files. Is this true? Where does it cache them? How can I stop it from doing this?

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    It's your browser that is caching!

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    Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings
    and check Every visit to the page

    Hope this helps!

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    Same in firefox:
    and clear the cache, best to do it periodically.

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