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    Wanted: Vbulletin Skin

    Hi there all, I am looking for an experienced designer with a large portfolio in vbulletin skin making (Both designing and coding). I want someone who can do a bit of flash. It would be anime based and be based around vb 3.5 when it is in gold. There would be a few plugins and modifications to the board.

    I am looking in the region of $0-200 on this, more if I feel apropriate.

    Please post here.

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    Hi Starsurfer, I'd be delighted to do this project for you.

    Do you have msn or aim in which we could go over the details.

    Kind regards.

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    My aim is DBZUnchained

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    Anyone? Only had a few responses.

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    I could do this for you, but I don't have a large portfolio. I'll contact you via AIM.

    Kind regards.

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    Have you found anyone for this yet?

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    I am still taking offers.

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