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    Would VPS be right for this?


    First off, I enjoy reading and keeping up on all the latest stuff but I am only vaguely familiar with VPS.

    I currently have 2 reseller accounts with 2 different providers and have a one year contract with one provider that is about to end and I am thinking of moving to a VPS.

    What would you recommend or do in this situation?

    I have an ecommerce site that is seeing about 300 users a day and only 3-4 concurrent users with NO advertising. Last Christmas season we maxed out at 15 concurrent users and about 600 users a day....all searching and placing orders. Last year we were not anywhere in the search engines...we weren't even indexed. So, we purchased Google ads and did very well.

    This year, I are trying to prepare for what we expect to be a huge increase from last year. We are currently #1 on Yahoo for the main keywords and have over 19,000 pages indexed in Google, MSN and Yahoo.

    I am optimistically hopeful of tripling our volume in November and December.

    I am looking for recommendations on the different options a VPS offers, like RAM, burstable ram....what else?

    Tell me what you would do in this instance.......I've looked at PowerVPS and a couple of others and cannot decide what would be the best.

    Let me know.


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    If you expect to grow that much, you should be looking for a high end VPS to Mid Size dedicated (P4) so you have room to grow.

    If you do decide to go with a vps, you should probably look at two things: Bandwith and RAM. Disk space would also be a concern in your case, but you did not give us an idea how much your using for your template and databases which I'm almost sure you do have.

    As for providers: your better off going with a managed provider at first, since working with a VPS is probably is going to be a sharp learning curve for you. Servint and PowerVPS both have a very good rep here (search the forums)

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    I agree with datruesurfer, it'll be hard if to switch over to a high end VPS when it grows that much and it'll save the costs but it all depents what your plans.

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    I would rather have too much than not enough when it comes to ecommerce, you get them once and you don't want to lose them because the site is too slow or underpowered and one decent sale would pay for the hosting.

    As for disk space.....we use about that really isn't an issue.

    So, if I just for go the VPS and go to a dedicated server.....what would be required for this site?

    Thanks again,

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    Find a good stable company and go with VPS, I personally use HostForWeb as they have affordable VPS and provide 24/7 support, I have had 3 vps's with them for about a year and pretty much no downtime and un-paralelled support.

    Just my thoughts,



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