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    tracking virtualhosts bandwidth usage

    Hi guys, I've got a few web servers running debian woody..apache 1.33..there are a few hundred virtual domains hosted on each of these servers. Each domain has got its own awstats so we can look at the statistics.

    However, to control bandwidth, I just added in mod_bandwidth to apache. Now here's the problem, say if I know a certain web server is taking up alot of bandwidth on the network, but on the web server there are like 300 virtual domains..instead of going through the awstats of the domains 1 by 1 to find out who's taking up the bandwidth, is there another way I can gather all the information like how much bandwidth the individual domains are taking up?

    Is there a better way to do this? Fast, easy, so we can get track down the domain thats probably using too much bandwidth?

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    Sure. Easiest I way can think: create a custom apache log format that logs hostname in request line, then write a simple perl script that will sum reply size by hostname.

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