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    simple online shop

    Greetings to all

    I know that you might have read posts like these a hundred times but please bear with me.

    I want to sell Linux DVD online. It is going to be a very simple online shop and probably no more than 300 -500$ dollars money ordering in total per month.

    I would like to do all the transactions through 2checkout (or paypal).

    I am a newbie in this field and all I know good is html.I have a webhost.

    Can you suggest me friends a site with guidelines?

    Is there any secure and free ecommerce script which might do for my plan?

    thanks in advance

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    Hi FM,

    I can suggest you to use: for a small online shop, it has totally no adds or signs that they host it, only thing is you have to pass 1% of your monthly income you make. I use it and I'm pretty glad with it.

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    this is a site that I would like to build. linuxcd-org .i simply want to host this site on my web host and do the transactions through paypal or 2checkout.

    any guideline please?

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    I'd personally suggest you to run your website with ABC eStore (take a look at hotscripts directory- there are reviews on this shopping cart) with CMS feature or a programm that is delivered by the same author ABC CMS Pro with eStore module. The benefits of the latter product is that you can fully customize store front anf integrate it within your existing site and at the same time you receive a sitebuilder for dynamic website. if you need any recommendations on both ABC eStore or ABC CMS Pro you can PM me =)

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    Try oscommerce or phpnuke or zencart or creloaded or shopsystem or nopcart or .... search google for other free scripts,

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