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    anyone here experiencing problems with 2checkout and "Verfied by Visa"?

    Hi all,

    First post - usually just lurk around here.
    Anyway, I've been with 2checkout for a year already, and I've only some minimal problems with them - some inquiries, one support call to check whether my account has been approved when I transferred from v1 to v2.

    Now, I'm a webdesigner and my clients pay me through 2checkout. Lately, I've been having problems with them - everytime my client tries to pay, he gets an error with verified by visa or something to that effect.

    Anyone here experiencing the same problem? 2co claims they have fixed this problem yesterday, and I've tried billing my client again, but he says that he's getting the same error message.

    This client of mine has been using the same credit card with me for the whole year, and it is not his first time to transact with me (he's my first client ) and this is the 4th or 5th payment I'm requesting from him. It is only now that he (or me?) is experiencing problems.

    I'm stumped.

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    This is an issue with 2co.

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    Verfied by Visa sounds like an odd error message im hoping he's using visa cause to me that sounds more like a marketing phrase ploy from visa more than anything else
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    The error message is being delivered by 2co not the 3DS system. If this did happen within the vbv system, it should time out and go straight to checkout and complete the order. You would be then notified that the vbv response was unavailable and you could then authorize/process the transaction.

    We don't work with 2co so its really hard for me to deliver any actual answers.

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    I had 2Co for my clients to pay online from my website, I never had any issue before, but for last few days more than 5 clients have informed me about they are getting some errors during the payments.
    One of my client got this "verified with visa" error. but others had diffrent errors. One client have made a call to 2CO support center been told the problem was solved. his payment went through later.
    When I submitted a trouble ticket to 2Co, they provided me a standard "cut & paste" answer, which made me anger.

    Anyway I hope this issue will be solved soon, so I dont need to look somewhere else, since I am loosing clients by this payment error!!!

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    I agree

    They keep on providing me with the same answer - and you know it's cut and paste because 2 different reps provided the same exact answer. Sigh.

    I am still working with them in the hopes that this gets answered soon - I'm really tired of this problem. However, thanks for the replies guys - at least I know I'm not the only one with this issue...

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    I just want to express my opinion on this matter as i am having the same problem. I have recieved a number of emails from customers who informed me that the payment process failed when i contacted 2co they informed me that they are having problems with verified by visa. What annoyes me is that they did not send out emails informing us of this if they knew
    And infact they only told me when i contacted them! I told them it would be a good idea to inform there clients of the problem and they did post an annoucement in their news section that they had disabled the verified by visa system until this issue is rectified.

    However they have now removed this item and i recieved another email from a customer stating that the system failed due to "verfied by visa" i have lost countles sales and hence moneyover the inability to take Visa Cards and am not recieving replys to my support posts on the current situation an am left guessing!

    I am all for improvements in internet payment security but this should be at 2co cost and not ours. It is like us recieving a payment and not providing the goods i am sure they would have something to say about that!

    We as 2co clients need to stick together and demand prompt action and information updates on this situation. Personally a would like to see them wave some of their fees for a set period as some sort of compensation.

    We pay for the service and they are not providing it so lets demand action i have already used a few angry smileys in this post but here is a few more to reflect my feelings

    If anyone has an update on this situation please post as i am getting no luck so far from 2co

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    Same here - I'm still waiting for their reply. I wonder why they removed the item that mentioned that they disabled it?

    I've already made action plans that involves another tpp and paypal as a last resort (though, since my country is not part of paypal's accepted list of countries, I have to asked another person in the US to make the withdrawals and wiring to my bank here.)

    Talk about bad service - I thought I was lucky that I wasn't experiencing the problems faced by other people here, but I guess my luck just ran out...

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    I have never had problems with 2co befor this also but it only takes one major screw up like this on 2co side to lose a lot of business. I am hoping they can put this right but that does not quel my anger. I have just tried to sign up to their forum as i am getting no joy from their help desk hardly 24/7 support as they state simply having a helpdesk with the title support does not qualify for 24/7 support they need to have someone manning it!

    Any way when i tried to sign up for there forum i needed to register did so then had to wait for activation email as normall which i did. I activated my account and guess what i need to send another email with my details to them before i can even see the forum and this final activation takes 24 to 48 hrs

    So i need to register and activate twice that takes 24 to 48 hrs before i can even see the forum and read posts god only know how long after that before i can post 1 to 3 years maybe. I can only guess that their are a lot of negative comments in this forum as they do not let you see or read the posts befor you are fully registered 24-48 hrs

    Another smooth user operation by 2co?

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    what is the link to their forum ? I tried finding it, but I can't seem to find it anymore...

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    hmm it is not my day to day cant post links to other sites without 5 or more posts in this forum so you will have to C&P it into your address bar

    2co support forum is http plus:

    i hope this is the official 2co forum and not just some con to extract my 2co information but the way my day is going who knows?

    By the way jollyjoyjo and everyone else if i get any response i will keep you updated and hope you can do the same
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    Will do. It's been 24 hours since their last response, but heck - that's pretty standard fare.

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    Could I assume when your client recieves the error message is it not allowing him to complete the transaction?

    If this is the case, then the issue is with 2co's VbV MPI.

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    I ran into this problem when purchasing some Templates earlier this year. Turns out that Seller had no idea what is was either. I found through trial & error -- making more than one purchase -- it almost appears like an Ad but not using a pop-up Window.

    I found I could safely ignore the msg. and continue with the checkout. - for all your Hosting needs
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    I'll ask my client to send me a screenshot of what he actually sees. But according to him, this appears after he has filled out all his details and click on purhcase.

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    Could I assume when your client recieves the error message is it not allowing him to complete the transaction?
    Correct i can not say for certain what is actually happening as some customers have recieved different messages failures but i can say it does dot allow them to complete the transaction. I beleave the issue may be 2co implementation of the system. I don't know much about verified by visa and i am from the uk where most banks are currently not participating in the scheme. 2co still fails even if the card supplier is not participating in the scheme yet. It also seems annoying that the advertisiment for verified for visa pops up this is what one customer said and it tried to sign them up for the scheme at a $ cost. I wonder if 2co makes a percantage from these sign ups? thats even more annoying using the payment system to sell visa products

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    one customer told me thay got the following screen

    after entering all detail etc(they were able to purchase however when 2co disabled the VBV system)

    others say that they got messages saying that their bank is not participating in the VBV scheme and could not continue any further.

    I guess it may be changing if 2co are actually doing some work to get this sorted have they never heard of testing before going live with a new system.

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    2co has now disabled this system again? while they investigate

    Verified by Visa

    Due to the high volume of error reports in relation to Verified By Visa, 2CO has temporarily DISABLED Verified By Visa while we investigate the issues.

    Please do not open new tickets about Verifed By Visa issues, all customers that were declined for this reason should now be able to complete their purchases.
    have not taken any visa purchases yet today only amex but i will see later and hopefully confirm it is now working.

    At last some progress lets hope they leave it off until they get it fixed and working 100%

    I have been a bit negative on 2co in this topic so it is only right i congratulate them when they make some progress on this well done 2co

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    Got a response from them and here's the reply :

    "I apologize for the canned responses. Honestly, this issue has taken a little longer than originally expected. We do apologize. Unfortunately, for some reason, any customer that would like to use a VISA, will need to apply for the verified by Visa, which appears somewhere on the bottom of the billing screen. (I think that is where it is, I'm not positive.) I want you to know that we are doing everything that we can to fix this issue.
    2co "

    Waiting for more updates.

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    I have had no response from them yet but they have disabled the system. This is all i wanted to see that they where actually doing something about it and that they turned the system off while it was not working in order that we do not loose sales. Overrall i have had no problems with 2co apart from this so lets hope they can sort it out and get back in our good books.

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    Are you able to transact now? The last time they said this, I told my client to pay, and promptly got the error again - and found out they removed that news item.

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    Well last week when i originally got loads of problems they posted the same news item and my customers were able to purchase ok after they disabled the VBV system.

    I think they reinstated the VBV system a few days later but the problem was not fixed now that they have disabled it again i can only presume that it should be ok now but lets hope tey leave it off this time until it is fixed and let us know when they turn it back on. I f you have any customers outstanding i would contact them and tell them to retry the purchase(s).

    This was highly annoying for me as it coinsided with the release of a new product and made my company look highly foolish as we were not aware of the problem.

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    A major transaction just went through - just in time! I'm happy now, yey.

    Hope it stays this way for the next couple of weeks though...

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