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    24x7 Expert Dedicated Admin Helpdesk & LiveChat Server Administration

    We are pleased to announce a WHT special offer valid from July 27th to August 3trd: Server Management Free Trial Week!

    ==> 1 Dedicated Server Admin 24x7 FOR ONE WEEK TRIAL PERIOD.
    ==> 15 minute resposne, 60 minute resolution
    ==> Free Setup on your existing helpdesk under your own brand.

    Setup Your Free Trial Account at

    Who we are:
    24/7/365 Private-label Server Adminis FULL MANAGEMENT including End Client Tech Support Response via Helpdesk and LiveChat:

    We put together a team of expert professional server admins certified for both Unix and Windows. Our web-server admins sole job is to respond within 15 minutes and fix within 60 minutes any problem possible. We answer for you all of your end clients hosting related questions, technical problems and concerns via Helpdesk and LiveChat 24-hours/day.

    Our Staff :
    Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced, and all have highly respectable certification.
    Staff technicians have one or more of the following:
    - BS/MS in Computer Science
    - CompTIA A+
    - Cisco: CCNA, CCNP
    - CIW
    - Redhat: RHCE
    - Various others
    We don't rely solely on certifications - our technicians are required and able to solve every problem that may occur on a live server.

    What issues are covered?
    Our admins can fix any issues, including:
    - CPanel issues, upgrades, fixes, security
    - DNS problems, customized MX, subdomains, propagation issues
    - Apache overloading, optimizing, abuse tracking
    - Email problems, spam, forwarders, errors sending/receiving
    - FTP issues, anonymous FTP, hacked accounts
    - MySQL problems, user/password, remote login, slowness/speed
    - PHP modules, mcrypt, gd, imagemagick, curl, sockets
    - SSL installation, generate CSR, lost KEY
    - Domain name, whois, dns, new domain propagation issues
    - Any hosting related problem under the sun...

    Our Prices: Our Prices:

    1 24x7 Dedicated Admin (1 seat) : $1500 / Mo.

    unlimited servers + monitoring and reaction
    unlimited helpdesk tickets
    unlimtied LiveChat

    Datacenter Special:
    Fanatical Tech support & Full server management for your clients at wholesale prices.

    - 100+ Servers, or rapid actual growth
    For Details regarding the Datacenter Special please email [email protected]

    Can I use your service with my own branded Support Helpdesk?

    Yes! In fact, all emails and support tickets are sent using [email protected] !
    Everything we do is under your company name.
    Your customers will think we are your own support staff.

    What is our response & resolution time?

    15 Minutes Response
    60 Minutes Resolution

    Can we work with your current system?
    Yes! We will work with any software you are using under your own brand, including:
    - Perldesk
    - Modernbill
    - WHM AutoPilot
    - Kayako
    - Perlbill
    - All other billing/CRM/email/helpdesk systems

    What OS / software do we provide technical support for?
    Our technical staff support every operating system and Control Panel software, including:
    - WHM/CPanel
    - Linux
    - FreeBSD
    - Plesk
    - Ensim
    - Alabanza
    - H-sphere
    - All other systems

    Where are we located?
    Our business is based and managed in New York, USA.
    All our technical staff are located in the USA.

    How good is security?
    Our system is built from the ground-up with security in mind.
    User Level Security:
    - All data transfers are SSL encrypted
    - All accounts are blocked with security passwords
    System Level Security:
    - 128-bit data encryption - protects data even if server was compromised
    - Extensive Security logging and monitoring

    Setup Your Free Trial Account at

    For more information
    email: [email protected]
    You can contact us via live chat below.
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    YIM:[email protected]

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    We are working with helpspeed for long time already and so far so good

    almost all tickets answered within 10-20mins , techs always polite and helpful.


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    All your employees are based in US? As you have claimed on your website?
    Dirt CHEAP Servers coming soon

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