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    * Who do you think was the most spammer

    i was just thinking, all you people with high posts, and people who have been on WHT for a while, you must of seen a person who came on here and always got on your nervous, if you do not wish to post there names dont, but just say how many est you think you have seen

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    I'd have to say the WHT moderators / liasons / aliens / slaves are far to quick to point out and resolve such issues. Are you talking about a specific person / user or a company ? Or are you saying that WHT has a Spam problem ?

    Either way, the best way to find out is to run a search on the company ( yep, this will take a while ) and if the name comes up in the post ( or perhaps doesn't come up at all ) as ******* .. well, then there's your answer

    Edit: I forgot to mention.. watch out for ************, *********, ****** and of course ( duh ) ******** !!

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    no just like a person, and if they were like posting urls, wot were they, i hope this topic is not going agaisnt to rules

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