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    Marketing with a little budget.


    Really I want to ask about any hints or tips on how to market my hosting reseller website but with a little budget (around 150 $ monthly)
    The website design is good. Also I use a powerful billing system (AWBS). And I have many offers more than 10 to cover a wide area from customers needs.


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    Depending on your target audience, maybe a flyer campaign, where you drop flyers through local businesses letter boxes will work.

    I personally have never tried this, but I know people who have and it has been a success.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    WHT is the best Place to market . Free and Easy
    Terry Martin-Lead Developer

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    Thread moved to Running a Web Hosting Business.

    WHT is the best Place to market.
    Only of your target market fits the WHT demographics.

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    Originally posted by ldcdc
    Thread moved to Running a Web Hosting Business.

    Only of your target market fits the WHT demographics.
    What he meant to say was, only if your target audience wants 3 gigs of space for $12/year.

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    Starting off on a small budget of $150 a month is not an easy task.. I know from experience.

    Let me give you a few tips of advice. What you want to do now, in your opening business phase (im assuming you are a relatively new host) is get your companies name and vision (purpose) out into the market so people are at least aware of your presence.

    You are not going to get that many sign ups from fly by customers (i may be wrong in some circumstances). Most are going to be refered by current customers or those that possibly try your service just by hearing about you (word of mouth advertising).

    I would take the time to write an official shall we call "Press Release" and get them to some of the larger hosting review companies and maybe even post it in the correct forum here at WHT. Get people to read it, and hopefuly do a quick check to your homepage to drive traffic and maybe a signup. (free method)

    Now, with the $150, you need to decide if you want to do local business to start, or if you want to open your doors to the public of the world. Once you decide on that, figure out who you want to target. Business clients? Personal users? Then you can go even narrower in breaking down the clients you want to attract.

    I used to spend $50 a month to put my companies information in a local Lansing Business Monthly magazine which had about 25,000 local business people subscribed to get the magazine monthly. In there I had a 1/4 page section where i listed new business technologies being used along with a link to my site and a phone number. This got my business name out to the local public and into the hands of small-mid sized business owners. It was relatively in-expensive.

    The rest of the money (lets say your $100 left over) I would strongly suggest doing this. This technique got me about a 1/5 return rate, which is damn good.

    Every local business that signed up for my services, whether it was hosting, network support, remote off-site back up... anything, I sent them a thank you card after our first buisness deal (Cost: $1.00 + a stamp in 2 mins of your time). This shows the client that I appreciated their business, and and for them to put their trust with me and that I will put in the extra personal touch to keep it.

    Now that you have your new client happy and thinking you have the best customer service, it's time to cash in on him. Use him as your advertising billboard. In your thank you card, include 5-10 referal cards.. which are basically your business cards, with his company code # (the one you use to reference his account for billing) and ask him to hand them to his friends. In return they will get 10% their first months service or IT visit, along with a strong verbal recommendation to use your services. And the guy who gave them his referal card gets a 5% discount on his next months bill. Everyone is happy, everyone gets a discount, you now have 2 people talking about your business to their business friends and handing out referal cards trying to take advantage of your referal program.

    NOTE: They are doing 90% of the work, you are doing 10%. Advertising doesn't get that much easier. You can focus the rest of your time making your site user friendly, and giving everything the personal touch.

    Now, when I did this, I was not just a hosting company. I did complete IT office solutions. So you results may vary. But I literally got 1-2 clients off of every person I sent a thankyou card with the referal business cards inside (not instantly).

    The costs are next to nothing.

    Business cards: 250 for $50
    Mailing material + stamps: $20 (to send to 50 people)
    Then about 2 hours of your personal time

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