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    Question Do you have a custom programmed billing system?

    I'm finding it very difficult to find a billing/customer management system that fits my needs. Have you had a custom system developed?

    If so, What sort of prices can one expect to pay for such a system?

    This is basically for a backend system for my business, order forms, billing/invoicing system, customer area, admin area. It will need to queue orders and create the accounts on Plesk servers with one click. Automatically invoice and charge clients credit cards on a monthly basis and obviously connect to my card processor (Protx).

    Can you recommend any programmers?

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    Creating your own ModernBill/AutoPilot/ClientExec clone is no easy task.

    To get something nearly as usable as what is already on the market, you would have to sink some big $$$$ into a project.

    An alternative would be to hire a programmer to modify one of the existing platforms to suit your needs, as it would cost a lot less than making your own.

    May I ask how you find the current billing systems don't suit your needs?

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    Just find a billing program that will create accounts on a Plesk server, and then see if they have built-in or plug-in functionality for interfacing with your credit card gateway. Most popular automation and billing programs will be able to do what you need.

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    We have developed our own system, but it's slightly different from what you've described. First of all, we stopped billing clients on a monthly basis long ago because it's simply too expensive in terms of time and money. All of our customers pay up-front for a year in advance, or up to the start date of the next annual billing cycle, depending on when they sign up. This makes it easier to keep track of everyone, selects for those customers who are actually willing to pay their bills, and simplifies the process of changing configurations mid-cycle. We also don't use plesk or cpanel; customers find them too confusing. Instead, we've built around the Cobalt interface, which is fairly user-friendly. For billing, our system works with Authorize.Net.

    On the front-end, our system has a nice billing interface for customers, and it also generates good-looking invoices in PDF format.

    Aaron Greenspan
    President & CEO, Think Computer Corporation

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