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    Established Image Hosting Site On Sale !


    PR4 with multiple pr3 pages.

    Age of site (months): about 5

    Avg. monthly revenue: $80-$100

    Okay, i really want to keep this site but the only reason i have to sell this is that i need the money for a different purpose.

    This site was launched on March 17th. Ever since then i have done alot of work on it. these include:-
    - Buying text link spots.
    - got someone to do the logo and background
    - enabled the random images you see in the front page
    - enabled the stats bar on top (members,images e.t.c)
    - put in the quick login box in front page. has some ranking at MSN.COM

    - Top 10 In msn for popular keyword- Free Image Hosting

    Revenue details:

    I have One paid client on the site, who paid for a full year starting june.

    I opened for banner and text link advertisements on 1stjune 2005 with availability of 5 banner spots and 5 text link spot,
    Within 48hrs all spots were taken. I made about $100 in total from banner/text link advertisements.

    Again in July some of those advertising continued with us and we made about $80.

    I believe that currently this is the main source of income for this site. Im sure most if not all clients who are having their ads displayed will continue advertising on my site for the upcoming months, and i will pass on contact details of the subscribers to the buyer.

    Since the site opened up to date, i have only made about $8 from adsense which is very Insignificant. I changed to clicksor on 1stjune
    and have so far made only about $1. I then have tried adsense again and on average make about $0.07 per day. still not high.

    Traffic details:

    Traffic is about 60-80 uniques daily.
    The site also gets between 2-6 signups daily.
    Currently we have over 350 members with over 2,000 images hosted.

    Alot of traffic comes from Msn, Yahoo and other sites in which i have my text link on. I pay $35 in total for my text links on the forums monthly. I will make sure that the text link stays on if the buyer is interested in keeping them on the forums.
    Space usage so far is around 50 mb and bandwidth is rising slowly monthly, so far its on about 3-4 gb.

    Lastly, i hardly spend any time working on the site as everything works on its own. Only at times i have random checks on Users images to see if they contain any pornographic pictures.If they do you can simply delete or suspend the user.

    I will answer any questions/queries you have.

    STATS -

    Starting Bid - $400

    Min. Increment - $50

    BIN - $650
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    What script do you use?

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    The site uses script from

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    Proof of revenue?

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    im not sure how i can show you proof of revenue but will show the highest bidder proof through paypal screenshots.

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    Okay bid of $500 received via PM. Im closing the bids in 7hours so if anyone has a higher bid please contact me.

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    bidding closes in 24HRS

    Highest Bid - $400

    Min Increment - $50

    BIN - $650

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    Still on sale

    Highest bid - $400
    Min.Increment - $25

    BIN - $550

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