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    I`m using Direct Admin for my users. I heard that DA has better security than Cpanel? Is that true?

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    any control software have a own problem. so, saying that DA better than Cpanel from security look will be is not correct. if sysadmin setup system security correctly each above software may have enough security. No one software can't fully replace system admin mine.
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    Apparenmtly the best one for security is Plesk.. but you may not like the default setup, and its a nuisance to change.

    I know DA allows you to edit your php and apache directives, so you can put customised php security settings in place (open_basedir is a good one for all vhosts), and disable only those that are *needed* by a site (eg. safe_mode only for sites that have to have it), so from my point of cpanel ignorance, I think this is a good thing to have and can provide you with good a security setup.

    Obviously, this applies only to the hosting setup, your server will need security managing separately from the CP settings.

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