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    Software to divert traffic to different servers at DNS level

    I am looking for a software which automatically gets the geographic location of request made to the server and send that to appropriate Server. For example a User from Asia sends a request then it must be sent to Asia server. I am looking for a software which automatically does everything on our servers. Please help me.....

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    i don't know a software which can do what you want, but you can use some DNS providers who allow round robin DNS (like pairnic, dyndns, etc).

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    You have a few options. This is used extensively by CDNs like Akamai/Speedera, Mirror Image, etc., and there are also third party DNS services like UltraDNS' DirectionalDNS service that can do this. I would imagine most people go that route, but there are few software options available that you can install on your own servers. Note that I've never actually used any of these (though I've used various CDNs and UltraDNS for things), just that I'm aware they exist.

    There is a patch available for BIND called GeoDNS that adds this functionality; it requires the use of MaxMind's GeoIP database. The database isn't free, but it's pretty inexpensive from what I remember.

    I think I remember reading that PowerDNS was supposed to be including such a feature, but I don't know if it ever got developed.

    Be aware the doing geo-based DNS is definitely more of a performance hit than standard DNS. Every DNS lookup requires a lookup in the geo database, and you can't cache records at all. Otherwise you won't be sending a visitor to the closest location but instead the location of the last entry in the cache.

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    If money where no object...

    F5 has their 3-DNS product that does essentially what your asking.
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    I concur with Nanner - you really ought to buy a 3DNS box from F5. A use done in the market will set you anywhere from $1200-$5000 depending on the settings/specs.

    Alternatively, if your are technically comfortable, you can use TinyDNS or PowerDNS to do the same thing. You would probably need to subscribe for a global IP list assignement with respect to each country and implement that.

    The only problem with the DNS doing this - it would as they say - be a poor-man's Load-Balancing. If one geographical server goes down, your users will see the downed server.

    With the 3DNS, that is not to be the case. You can define what goes where and how to work with downed links/servers.
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