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    I'm looking at a reseller account with crediblehost - how is there support these days? I remember reading some threads that the support was taking a few days to answer queries - has this changed?

  2. Search the threads again for more info. I actually dont have any experience with them

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    I have paid attention to alot of there threads, I personally would recommend you check the threads out as they do not seem to give off a good vibe.

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    Does'nt look good does it!

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    I'd suggest registering to their forum ( and having a look there.. mess after mess it seems!

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    In regards to the above, you must regsiter to see what is really happening. Many CH forums are kept from the public eye(I dont blame them I guess)
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    Tried registering but it required the admin to authorise your registration before you can see any of the forms. Been
    waiting a couple of days for them to authorise my accounts. Guess that aint a good sign!

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    I used to be a crediblehost customer.

    My story is pretty much the same as everyone else as of late.

    It started off great, Bonnie (The owner) couldn't have been nicer, everything was answered VERY fast.

    THen I guess the growth got to her, something in her personal life happened, servers started being disconnected because of non-payment which I believe she blames on her CC processor or something. You can read all this on the forums... if you get approved.

    Anyhow, eventually support was non existant. She, I assume changed her phone number(s) because no one could get ahold of her anymore.

    There are many more things that happened, like I said.

    In short, I suggest moving on.

    Disclaimer: Not trying to attack Bonnie, just laying out the facts, and I know people can search the forums for this but I figured it'd be nice to let the OP know my experience.

    Good luck in your search!
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    I concur with Daniel, to protect the uninformed from the possible consequences.

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    it always important to try and have good communication with the company you host with -gilbert
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