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    ISPserver, Dreamhost, DotSimple, Steadfast, NetworkRedux, CyberWurx, a2b2 - my review

    I think it's about time I post some reviews here, based on actual experience with hosting companies mentioned. Some of them are not mention here often, and this review might help others.

    Couple of things to note.
    I don't have any graphs/links to bak my uptime claims, but we are using DnsMadeEasy for almost a year, and monitoring all our hosting accounts every 60 seconds.
    We are not beginner users, we just need good, stable, secured servers, and as least BS as possible.
    We don't really need/use control panels.
    After some bad hosting experiences, I tent to look for hosts that are not on lower end of price spectrum (kids stay away), and don't have Fantastico and similar thingies (again, kids stay away == server more stable/faster).

    So, here we go.

    ISPserver 8/10
    We were using them for almost 2 years, and been very satisfied overally. We had few VPSs with them - in New York, Germany, Singapore, and later one in Burstnet. The uptime of their VDSs was really good, especially the one in New York (close to 99.99%).
    They didn't change the prices in two years, and I think they could offer more (space, bw) for that money.
    Support tickets were answered quickly.
    One thing about them, coming from eastern Europe, is their English - which I didn't have problem with (considering where I'm originally from). The way they construct the sentences, in some cases, to native English speakers may sound harsh or offensive.
    Probably the people using their Sago hosted VDS (and later Burstnet) had lots of downtime, and I think ISPserver changed provider fir their cheaper line of VDSs.

    CyberWurx 9/10
    We had shared account, for 13 months or so. We needed some php features which they couldn't accomodate, but every now and then I'm thinking of going back to them.
    There is virtually no control panel, but with their support you don't need one They were replying to the emails, sometimes within seconds. 24/7/365.

    DotSimple 8/10
    One of the employees still has reseller account there, and there were few downtimes, and server problems, but for that money I guess it's ok. Overal uptime was 99.5%, and for quite some time, haven't notice any downtime longer then couple of minutes.
    Support is very good, and guys from DotSimple are always on AIM.

    DreamHost 9/10
    been with them almost a year. Fast, stable servers, very good uptime (~ 99.95%). Didn't really need to use their support much, but few tickets were ansvered (and problem fixed) within couple of hours.

    Steadfast 9/10
    Using their VDS about 3 months, so can't say much. Uptime is very good - there was couple of minutes downtime in these 3 months. Support - very very good. They go extra mile for you, and will look into things you were not asking to fix. From their answers we could learn a thing or two.
    Now we are switching to Interworx panel, and they gave us second VDS for free, until we move existing accounts.
    I really hope they stay this good in the future.

    CoreVPS, a2b2, vaserve 9/10
    They work under many names, but is always Rus who is behind, so I guess that says a lot about them. We have VDSs with them, about 6 months, and I can't recall any downtime there.
    We needed their support at the beginning (OS reinstall), and they were prompt and helpful.

    NetworkRedux 8/10
    This was "ugly duckling" that turned to be a good host. I took this hosting ($8/month) for some family/friends' website, thinking that I will have to change hosting soon (5GB for that price...).
    Turned out to be very good hosting, can't recall any downtime in these 4-5 months.
    There was once that server was overloaded badly (what can you expect when you share the disk with kiddz), but they replied to the ticket very quickly, without any BS, and the problem was fixed within minutes.
    S-o-m-e-t-i-m-e-s the server is overloaded a bit, but not longer then few seconds, and it's really not a problem.

    Now, who said people here only complain about their hosts ?

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    Thank You for sharing your experience
    Terry Martin-Lead Developer

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    Great reviews, some of the hosts you talk here are new to me.

    Jorge Campos | WBpro
    Web Building Professionals

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    Originally posted by wbpro
    ...some of the hosts you talk here are new to me...
    As I said, we're not looking for most popular hosts

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    Thanks for taking the time to write a review of all the hosts you've had experience with, this will be useful for future users looking for reviews on these above hosts
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