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    Worth it? Media Temple

    I know tons of cool folks use Media Temple?

    a) Are they good?

    b) Are they worth the money?

    c) Do designers get discounts here? Why do people use those vanity stickers advertising their *host* ???

    Cheers, Robby

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    I'm also interested in getting opinions of media temple. The opinions I've seen here have mainly been during the time before they upgrade their plans. Their current plans are pretty good, if you pay yearly. I was considering them as they have a good connection to Australia. The downside for me is that you have to pay extra for spam protection, while it is usually standard on other hosts.

    What I've read is that they sponsor a lot of sites and maybe that's why you see a lot of the users advertising them.

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    A good place to start would be to use the Search Page: and do a search, see if any reviews come up. Good luck.
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    We used MediaTemplate in the past and they are pretty reliable .
    Terry Martin-Lead Developer

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    They're good enough for the start, but you should consider advancing to something more proffesional in time I'm not saying that they're not reliable but...

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    I guess it all really depends on wheather it is worth it to you.
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    If you search you will find plenty of reviews on them.

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    I think I read somewhere that their CEO went to another company or something to that effect.

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