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    Need To Learn Dreamweaver!!

    Ok..i posted earlier this week i didnt have time to learn ,and i was using publisher, but i dont like how it looks...its to front page!!

    What book is the best to learn from!! is there a free one?

    thanks kidem

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    please check there are some Learning CDs available for this.

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    Also the 'dummies' series are pretty good for starting out. A cheaper alternative is to use the tutorials that come with Dreamweaver. They're aimed strictly at the newbie so they're pretty easy to digest.


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    Hey Guys,

    Does Publisher and Front page websites take longer to load then one made with dreamweaver?

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    publisher obviously takes the longest, because it is not made for website creation..

    Frontpage is statistically faster than dreamweaver, simply because it uses eg. <font > tags, while dreamweaver uses <style > tags in the head of the document, which is much more space consuming. - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    About your comment on publisher, 2003 version is made for websites!

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    ok, sure, it has a website function in it, but Publisher was designed to create printed documents. It uses the position rule in HTML.. therefore creating pages and pages of code.
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    ahh....gotcha!! Well im just learning, Im having fun in fireworks and flash right now...kind of!!

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    I know this site i just put sorta together with publisher sucks but give me ideas!! One main thing is the color scheme and general design, this is my first site ever!! I need ideas and feed back!!

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    Looks good for a new designer...

    you've obviously done this in publisher:
     <v:stroke color2="white [7]">
      <o:left v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]"/>
      <o:top v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]"/>
      <o:right v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]"/>
      <o:bottom v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]"/>
      <o:column v:ext="view" color="black [0]" color2="white [7]"/>
     </v:stroke> - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    Yea, i dont like it...i need it to look professional!! I have redone it like 50 times!!! Now im getting into dreamweaver and PS CS2, i hope i can do some things, i wish i knew code html,dhtml,php then i might be somewhere!!

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    xerosis219 did it load ok for you, speed wise?

    im using godaddy!!

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    yeah it loaded alright... but because of the way its coded, the images appear as broken before they are loaded...

    if your getting into photoshop, design something in there, then slice it, export it, and play around with it in dreamweaver..

    heres some examples of work i've done using that method:

    good luck! - Cheap, Modern web design.

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    here's a link to give you a headstart of your learning quest.
    or, i have this always inside my head "google is your friend"

    if you become good with dw, teach me i am studying too, i'll say - I'm 5 secs ahead of you.

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  16. #16 is a problem i have came across, In publisher i can move text and buttons where ever i want, but in dreamweaver if i insert buttons on the left, i can create a table for text to the right of it correctly what am i doing wrong?
    Yea i know way noob i am!!

    For Ex:
    Double M Ranch

    About Us
    (Cannot put text here with out messing up the buttons like so)

    For Sale


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    ok i figured out this part!!

    now for some reason when i create a flash button link to my next page it shows all the pictures broken any ideas?

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    Publisher adds a load of junk to your html code, I would recommend that you just play around in dreamweaver a bit, its not really that hard

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    ok...this is wierd when i preview the pages and click on any button to pages the pictures (jpegs) are broken, earlier i stated on flash buttons but any kind of button with link to next page, for instance when i preview home page click contact us button its ok but if i click home the picture is broken!! please help!!


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    I personally taught myself DreamWeaver, however, I've been around a couple of fantastic tutorial sites.

    Tech Designs

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