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    Many Domains For Sale

    Hello All,

    I have the following domains for sale on sedo:
    I would prefer direct payment via paypal instead of through sedo, they were listed on sedo to track traffic from a 3rd party. EXP Date 3/18/2006 EXP Date 11/11/2005 EXP Date 8/8/2006 EXP Date 2/11/2006
    findabudgetflight.bizEXP Date 8/7/2006
    fr33toolz.comEXP Date 12/29/2005
    hostmyresume.netEXP Date 11/11/2005
    modelz4hire.comEXP Date 10/10/2005
    moviezreview.comEXP Date 10/2/2005
    myfamily-album.comEXP Date 4/11/2006
    mysitetoolz.comEXP Date 12/29/2005
    sitetemplatez.comEXP Date 12/29/2005
    templatehostage.comEXP Date 12/29/2005
    toolbarkings.comEXP Date 12/29/2005
    wastedhitz.comEXP Date 10/2/2005

    Some of the domains above used to have sites with them, but due to losing my reseller membership, they are now parked at sedo, traffic stats can be provided on request, please pm or post an offer.

    Thanks for reading,

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    please send me price(BIN) of

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