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Thread: Is JSP free?

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    Question Is JSP free?

    Do you have to pay to publish with JSP?

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    Are you asking as a host or a hosting client? If you are a host, using Tomcat or Jboss for JSP is free. If you are a hosting client, you need to check with your provider.

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    i meant as a hosting client. thanks.

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    The last time I checked it was free.
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    From a client's perspective, if a host doesn't offer JSP support or charges extra, it's not because of licensing fees. Supporting JSP is just more overhead that's not necessary for most simple sites.

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    You will find that most web hosts charge an extra fee to provide JSP support.

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    Somehow I had it in my mind that JSP requires quite a bit of server resources, which means a relatively high cost in terms of offering it to customers. Can anyone confirm that?

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