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    Online game site, traffic + revenue generating for sale!

    Hello everyone, I have a revenue generating website for sale. Its called and is based on the Kingsofchaos clone script. I've given it custom art, modified weapons and its making easy profit with zero maintenance.

    The site is growing an a rapidly fast rate, and the money keeps coming. Here are some details:
    Adsense: In my experience, game sites like this do much better during the school season. Want to make even more money with it? Be creative, seek other advertisers, I haven't had the chance to explore other options but you can.
    Traffic: Traffic is steady and comes from a few sources. 1) G-unit site banner which I will leave for a month to help new owner out. 2) In game feature which allows users to send links to others to get more gangsters.

    To see the in game demo account, use
    Username: demo
    Email: [email protected]
    Password: demo

    It has consumed about 26.7gb in bandwidth up to today, I run the game on a Servint VPS account with other sites for $50/month so expenses are split to even less than that. I'm selling because I have other projects to tend to, I'd like to have more capital and see this site go to a good owner.

    Looking for offers in Mid to High $XXXX only please. BIN price is $7000 please. If you have any questions, please PM me. Thank you!

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    very cool site.. but out of my budget..
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    sites sold

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