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    Which Better the Server

    I wan know which better the server:

    Celeron 2.0Ghz - 512mb ram - 80gb hdd


    Pentiun IV 1.7Ghz - 512mb ram - 80gb hdd

    Thank you you for help

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    That is hard for me to really say and probably depends greatly on the sites you are going to be hosting on the server, but in most cases a 1.7ghz P4 will perform better than a 2ghz Celeron.
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    Absolutley no difference because you will not use 100% of the server anyway.

    That is always my rational for similar class servers. If you use 60% of the server, it doesn't matter at all if it is a 1.7 or a 2.0 anything......

    If you are using more thatn 60% of the server, you need a different "class" of server all togher.

    Same anagalogy if you put 87 octane in your car or 93 octane in your car. It runs, Right?
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    I'd prefer the Celeron.

    If you get one of the newer Celeron D's, they perform very well and as good as a Pentium 4 (older cores). However if you're getting one of the older Celerons (ie: a refurbished server probably) I'd stick to the P4.

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    I would recommend going with the P4 over the celeron.

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    from a sales perspective , I think if both were offered by a host 99% of the timethe client would choose the celeron over the lower clock speed celeron.

    This is not based on any facts other than my experience with what clients have choosen in the past.
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    Personally from what ive seen on PC's (no server experience) I would only imagine using a celeron processor for very simple tasks, then again Im not sure how the new ones perform but the older ones barely do.
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    Celeron 2.0 or P4 1.7 at US$85

    AMD Duron 1400 at US$59

    everthing else configuration same

    I plan to buy AMD Duron, is this the good move for me?

    Thank you

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    Originally posted by katimar
    Celeron 2.0 or P4 1.7 at US$85

    AMD Duron 1400 at US$59

    everthing else configuration same

    I plan to buy AMD Duron, is this the good move for me?

    Thank you
    And now you're adding another option to the pool?

    I'm afraid that, without further information, you, and nobody else but you, know what's the "good move" for you...

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    Again all these things depend on what you plan on running how many resources do you really think you will be using. we can give estimates but thats all they are is estimates without much info its really hard.
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    An Duron is very bad, have lower performance, for $65, You may find a celeron or an AMD Athlon

    I had seen, many comments saying "amd is the best", but I think than is for other reasons diferents of bechmarks

    I could think than this commentaries are because the global market, is trying of avoid, the monopoly of intel, the wich is very correct for the consumitor to avoid monopolies

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    AMD 3000+ Barton
    80GB IDE Hard Drive
    1024MB RAM

    I would take that over anything you have posted also it depend on what you are offering.

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    Also may i ask where you got those prices from? you should really research you can get better deals for same price or cheap..

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