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    How to get more traffic to your Free Hosting business?

    Hey guys, im dead serious about this, <snipped> and i have a medium--- small amount of people comming. I would like more, because so far i have made hardly any profit off of this site.

    I offer free websites, unmeterd hosting and unmeterd diskspace, free file uploading upto 20,000 KB, 30,000 KB if you pay $3.99 a month.

    Also i offer free blogs, with free hosting on them. We have no ads except a small TEXT link on the blogs. thats it.

    we are pretty new, so i guess i might need patience, but i dont want to! Whats the best , cheapest, most effective advertising? also any reccomendations.

    We are listed in all major search engines, we offer more, better quality, and no ad services then most any other website , so ya.

    We plan on staying in business for a LONG time hopefully for at least 10 years. Ive got the money to keep this up. and the deals.

    So please help me out, thanks!
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    This is the 3rd free thread this week....please use the search tool.
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