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    VA LINUX 1000 Server: Can I install FreeBSD on it?

    I found a few cheap servers on ebay, called VA LINUX 1000 Server. I don't want to use VA Linux. Can I install FreeBSD on VA LINUX 1000 Server?

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    I can't speak for the specific model, but I don't see any reason why not. As far as I know, the VA Linux servers back when they came out were x86-based.
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    It almost certainly will. VA Linux was just the brand name, hardware is hardware. If you want to be sure though (and for future reference in cases like this), you should look up the exact hardware in the machine (network card, SCSI controller, etc.), and compare them to the compatible hardware listed in the Hardware Notes section on for the release you plan on installing.

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    VA Linux 1000 is the exact same machine as the IBM 4000R.

    Both IBM and VA OEM'd the machine from a company called Network Engines.

    It is a relatively crappy machine, but probably a good value if they are cheap. Dual P3 (Slot 1) fitted horizontally, and integrated u160 SCSI controller.

    You should have no problems running FreeBSD on it.

    (I used to work for VA Linux Systems)
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    We had Windows running on one of those boxes. If it can run Windows ...
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