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    New Business

    Hello ;

    We are planning to run a web hosting company. Which control panels,account management scripts and credit card processor gateway do you suggest ?

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    That is a very broad question. If you do a search on the forums I'm sure you'll find plenty of answers to your questions.

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    I'm planning to start a bank. What do I need to do?


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    That is more of a personal question. You should have specific services in mind that you want to provide your future hosting clients. Each service may require a different administration panel and billing management script.

    Take some time to demo each of the scripts and decide on which one is going to work best with your company.

    Check out:
    Plesk, HSphere, DirectAdmin, CPanel, ClientExec, WHMAutoPilot, Modernbill, Cerebus, Kayako, PHPLive, etc. Each of these scripts have demo's on their web sites and also have some trial periods where you can install and test the functionality of each.

    Layout your budget, look at your needs, and customer needs and base your choice off of your overall outlooks.

    Good luck, take your time, plan everything out and make wise financial descisions.

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    First of all I would recommend writing Business Plan. After you review the information you have written, you may think twice. It is better to make a mistake on the paper than in the real business world
    Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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    A good planning is the start of each successfull business

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    It depends on what coountry you are in. CDG is a great company, but they can only support US based businesses mainly. If you are not located in the United States, your choices for merchant accounts diminish and the discount rates increase.

    We use the Helm control panel but that is for Windows. You did not state what platforms you would be supporting so you have a number of choices there as well.

    We use LinkPoint as wellsince they do not charge anything extra for the transaction fees or recurring billing. It seems that by the end of next week, they are hoping that all the PB issues with their email will be resolved. Fortunately, everything did catch up for us on that.

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    For control panel windows : HELM
    For control panel linux : Cpanel
    For Accounting system: Modernbill
    For payment gateway: I am very happy with

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