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    Wireless DSL install in Ventura, CA area

    I'm helping someone located in the Ventura, California area find a talented individual to help install his DSL connection.

    He owns a record store and would like the connection to work with his Linux box (used for sound scan) and with his MAC (wireless). If you have the type of experience needed to do this one-time job, please reply to this post or IM me.


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    I can talk to him and tell him how to do it, but i can't fly all the way over there. lol

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    The DSL company doesn't offer installation? Maybe they can help?

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    Some do but the only will work on windows computers. And some charge for the service.

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    AbitaSprings is correct. They don't "support" linux.

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    It is very simple to do. Connect the wireless router to the dsl drop configure the ppoe settings for the dsl company in the wireless router, setup dhcp in the wireless router (usally already enabled) plug the ethernet from the linux box to the wireless router and setup dhcp (if he needs a static you can do that too. If you need help with the linux network config please pm I will help you for free. Next use the MAC software to conenct to the wireless. Presto you are all done.

    By using this method the ISP dont know what o/s you are using they talk to the router your router talks to the internal computers and everything works.
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