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    A lot for the price - but at a price

    I bought into Host Excellence after reading rave reviews on several "independent" sites. (Afterward, when I posted comments myself on those sites, I discovered they were not independent at all!)

    HostExcellence provides a lot for the money, but the unreliability of their web servers, database servers, and mail servers would suggest that they could only be used for personal web sites and NOT for any business site that depends on their reliability.

    Their uptime guarantee is a lot of baloney because when the server is down it's never their fault. Their customer service is hit-or-miss. Occasionally, I get a rep who is very willing to help, but often I get told that I am wrong, there is no problem, and they will not do anything to fix it.

    One big problem is the unreliability of their mail servers. Between 10-40% of our mail is delayed, lost, or blocked by their servers.

    You still get what you pay for!

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