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    Reverse DNS and Private IP's


    i am a reseller, i have 2 private ip's i am using them with my name servers

    and my main domain uses

    and clients uses

    when i checked the dns 's via this link,

    it says that " The IP of one or more of your mail server(s) have no reverse DNS (PTR) entries "

    i write the support team that i want to setup reverse DNS and they said to me,

    The Reverse DNS is on the server, we can not put this on your IPs as they are not the master IPs, this is normal, and there is a reverse DNS, just not for your nameservers. If you can not send mail, its because they are blocking you.
    i check for blocking and spam,

    There isn't a spam report it only says that there is no reverse DNS

    Now, i want to learn from you that,

    i can't send mail or i buy this ip's 2 months ago and none of clients send spam, and it is not listed in spam report,

    what is going wrong so i can't send mail this servers (may be there are others)

    Can i send mail if i don't use this private ip's?

    Thanks for future replys...
    Kind regards

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    Some email servers require that both FORWARD and REVERSE records to a mail server match.

    I'm not sure if that's the problem in this case, but i know for sure this is a configurable option in postfix.

    the only way to be able to send mail to those people who block it... is to have them whitelist you or get your ISP or whoever is giving you the IP addresses to reverse them for you... or to allow you to reverse them yourself.

    another option is to seperate your mail server from your nameservers... and reverse that IP (or have your isp do it)... as it sounds like they aren't going to reverse the ips of your nameservers.

    if you google "smtp reverse dns" there's alot of reading on this subject..

    -- Daniel

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