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    Question PAYPAL Merchants Question

    Hello good people of the internet.

    Here is my situation in short:
    I have just finished setting up an online retail website.
    I do not want to go through gateway and merchants account with a bank because I anticipate few sales in the near future. So I decided to explore what PayPal has to offer for people like me. The way I decided to do business for the time being, as was suggested by my service provider company is to use their order tracking system which temporarily stores all payment information and then get a service like paypal that will allow me to charge my customers using the information they provide.

    After doing my due diligence on this matter I am still confused as to how exactly PayPal will allow me to use this option and which account type is best for me?

    Basicaly it is simple. For example someone sends me their credit card info with an order description and I go to paypal to process and collect the order manualy be myself.

    Does PayPal realy provide this kind of service?
    If "yes" what is called?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    PayPal offer you some choices, but one of them is very simple, you create a product in your paypal account, add a Buy Now button and your client is redirected to PayPal where they confirme the order and enter the credit card information, and you will receive the money on your account. You never see your client credit card information.

    You can take a look at the merchant options on PayPal's website for complete information.

    The best option for you is Business Account.

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    If you are collecting payments manually you can process them through paypals Virtual Terminal, which comes with the Website Payments Pro package.

    More info. here:

    The above package also integrates with your website, where the basic paypal service takes them off site...

    Hope this helps...

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    Yep, I think that is what I need.
    I am going to look into it right now.
    Thanks very much

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    virtual terminal

    Actually you can get the virtual terminal with the Standard account as well. It costs $20, the same as the Pro account. The advantage is that the standard account has lower discount rates for CCs.


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    I opened a regular buyers account.
    If I understand you correctly anarchyjim, then I can add this
    virtual terminal feature to my account as a module?
    Is that the case?
    Or do I need to upgrade to "Website Payments Pro"?

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