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    A Couple Cpanel Clients for Sale

    I have three Cpanel clients I am looking to sell. Their info is as follows:

    Client1: 800MB Space / 20GB Bandwidth for $8.05/Month
    74% Disk Utilization and approx 6% bandwidth utilization per month

    Client2: 800MB Space / 20GB Bandwidth for $8.05/Month
    34% Disk Utilization and approx 5% bandwidth utilization per month.

    Reseller1: 4GB Space / 30GB Bandwidth for $9.95/mo
    43% disk utilization and approx 15% bandwidth utilization per month

    All three clients pay monthly via Paypal

    None of these clients have SSL Certs or dedicated IP addresses. These clients have not generated any support tickets in the last 6 months and they are very easy to communicate with. I am only willing to sell them to a Cpanel based host and would even gladly provide the custom Cpanel theme for use. (You can see an example of it here.) I would also prefer a company that has 24/7 support and is reputable.

    I was originally selling these clients to eliminate Cpanel as a control panel, but now I am also in need to rebuild the engine in my wife's car.

    I would gladly sign a non-compete agreement for these three clients. I offered them before, however the buyer I chose never responded back after accepting the deal.

    Please post your questions/offers within this thread.

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    I'm interested. How much are you looking for? BIN?

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    I am interested but would not be able to move them off of your servers and get them in the billing system until the weekend.

    Am also interested to know the current high bid and the BIN.


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    I would be Intrested Please PM BIN price or current offer, I could move them to my servers asap

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    May I know the price that you are looking for?

    Thank you,

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    I am also interested please contact me thanks!
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    Thats a nice skin - where did you get it ?
    Are the paypal payments client initiated or done with recurring subscription ?
    Are the clients aware they are being sold/moved ?
    Are any of the 3 sites adult-oriented ?
    Do you have geographical breakdown of the clients - i.e. which country are they in

    the 4gb/30gb @ 9.95 plan is a little "odd" compared to your others - was that a special deal ?
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    I whould like to know if you have a bin.

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    We use cpanel and have been in the hosting business for almost a decade... I'll gladly give you a very competitive offer if you let us know what the bidding is up to right now? We also have a dedicated support team and can accommodate any other requests you might have.
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    im very interested, please email me at richard 28 at comcast dot net, or a PM, I can place a generous offer.

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