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    VPS company worth it

    Worth to start it?
    Lets Say that you get a Server
    Dual Xeon
    2 X 250GB HDD RAID1
    4 G RAM
    2000 G bw
    40 Ips free
    Remote console
    Remote reboot port.
    and software lets say UML (free)
    Lets say about $450 +

    This server can get ? 20 VPS ( 196MB RAM 12 GB space 100GB bw)
    So the cost / VPS is $22.5 .

    in the net similar VPS sold for $25-35.

    Gain $7 per vps (total $140) if you sell all in one day.

    Worth it ?

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    I am not familiar with hosting businesses, but I would say is no different than other businesses.

    In a business ideally you should make 50% profit, worst case 30% profit - any less and I would say it does not make sense unless you plan to go mass production (and in this case you are not) and there is no extra cost you have that has to come up out of that profit.

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    Try to go with SCSI. If you get a few VPS competing for IDE/SATA hard disk then your I/O wait will skyrocket.
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    You have to ask yourself the question is it worth your while to look after and maintain a machine running 20 VPS's for $140 a month, do you have 24/7 support to look after your VPS's, etc, etc ....

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    Good plan Karthick.

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    $140/month to support 20 clients is not worth it. At that rate you need several hundred clients just to make a decent living for one person. aim a little higher say 400-500/month per server. That way once you've sold out 4 severs you allready have enough to live on. Of course you can always start off cheap to get some customers and reputation, then up prices later.

    Also, I think your paying to much for your hardware, find some way to strike a deal with someone and get lower priced servers. Theres also alot of other ways to make money while keeping costs to users to a minimum, you might want to see if you can find a business consultant.

    And don't use UML, its far to slow IMO. Tryout Xen if your looking for a free solution. Keep in mind though you really have to know what your doing when using technology like UML and Xen. Also consider you will probally need to create your own control panel if you go for one of these, that can take a while and should be factored in. Our panel which is still under heavy development took nearly a month to code and test before it was ready for the public, its now approaching 15,000 lines of code. (of course its more complex then it needs to be )
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    Agreed. Xen is impressive yet unbelievably complex. It's just like somebody else said about the linux kernel code..what a mess and yet a thing of beauty at the same time.

    Oh...and don't forget about a custom or semi-custom control panel so your users can login and manage their VPS's.

    Xen does seem to be the way to go, though.

    If you wanted to go the reasonable route...wouldn't it be smarter to resell for somebody else at the start...and learn the market...before trying to go it on your own?

    Oh..reality are *not* going to fill a server in one day...even the people that start with the free trials don't even do that.

    I personally am surprised more people don't offer VMware VPS's.
    Expensive...sure...but who cares? It works very well...and they are not comparable to Virtuozzo at all...these are production-ready really_can_do_a_ton_of_work vps's.


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