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    setting up an email account


    I'm running IIS 6.0 on a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition machine. I've got the default SMTP server running on it, but I'd like to add some services to it. Specifically, I'd like to add an email account so that I can receive emails (right now the SMTP service allows me to send emails but not receive). For that, I need to setup an email account on the server. How can I do that? I can do it through IIS, can't I?

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    how do you send out the mail in your local IIS? as far as I know, the IIS SMTP is only a SMTP engine responsible to process mails.

    you may need to install some mail server on your web server to enable you to setup the user email account. Probably you may go for Exchange or for some free and limited mail server such as Mailenable Standard.

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    Agreed Andy18...

    You can use Exchange, but Exchange in itself is a resource hog and doesn't play well with others. I wouldn't want to run a mission critical site on the same server as Exchange was running on. And I would definately not do any kind of shared hosting on the same server as an Exchange box.
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