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Thread: CDOSYS Setup

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    CDOSYS Setup

    Hi, we recently received a dedicated server. However, when I attempt to use the CDOSYS object on my ASP pages it returns with an error. It appears that it is not installed, I have the DLL file, but am unsure of how to actually manually install it.

    Please help,

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    CDOSYS is insalled by default on Windows Server 2003. It's the CDONTS that gives people fits because you have to manually grab the file, then put it into the \system32 directory then register the dll file by typing "RegSvr32 cdonts.dll" from the \system32 directory in the command prompt.

    If this is Windows Server 2003 and CDOSYS, check to make sure that SMTP service is running. It should not be banged out in the IIS manager when you refresh.

    If you need further assistance, I will be glad to help.

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