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    [FOR SALE] Fresh out the lab Hosting Design [4PAGES]

    Heres another quality design =) . This template is unique. 7verse can create more pages, modifications etc. Also if you need any custom design, visit my portfolio at

    08 Template: Built to last in this Industry

    Price: Starting Bid $100, PM for bidding
    Payment via Paypal only

    PSD file (source file)

    4 HTML files [ Home, The Company, Web Hosting, Contact Us

    Full Rights / Exclusive Rights / Resell Rights

    Never been sold before

    If your interested, Contact me on the following:
    Name: John
    WebHostingtalk: Private Message
    Email: [email protected]
    AIM: ce3r005

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    nice site man

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    Sep 2003
    California, USA
    Nice and unique and simple.
    Good luck with sale.

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    nice site, might wanna change the title's font color to somthing than "orange" so it can be much readable coz orange is already your background. that's just my opinion.

    Goodluck selling it .

    - Theo - Defiant to Boundaries
    aim: aimtheodea icq: 280307610 | msn / email: info[at]

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    Very nice design!

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    That is one awesome design, If I had the cash I'd be interested haha.

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