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    Looking for replacement of 10g w 100 g tran

    Hey everyone,

    My current host is going through some growing pains and I need to replace the 10gig with 100gid transfer package.

    Looking for
    reseller package
    min 8 gig storage
    min 50 gig transfer

    Who would be the best for this?

    BTW I got great respone here last time when I found this host, it's just that they have lost focus and control ;-(

    Thanks in advance,


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    How much were you paying for that and which host was it?

    There are a lot of factors.. Such as

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    Hi, mrbshouse

    Check out the offers section their should be some good deals there.

    Good Luck

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    under $10 (i got a double up package when starting). resellerzoom is in the lead at this point, but I start getting winie when I think about the extra charges for private dns and ips, which would almost triple my current expense.

    looking to move from eniki. Arron and sam have been stand up, but when I have to ask to have wget reset twice in two weeks, not to mention a heavy server load and mysql connection issues I have to check my options.

    I posted a host request and reviewed 20 of the current offers, but found alot of ...err um [email protected].maybe one of the 20 was even close.

    does anyone know of a good compairision martix for different resellers...I know it's out there i just can't find it again.

    Thanks again,


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    I'd seriously recommend you to ResellerZoom.

    The first time you have a problem, they will prove to you what they get paid for.

    They put up with me on a daily basis, and all their staffers are extremely nice. If you have an issue, open a ticket, within 30 minutes, it's fixed.

    The extra cost, is a drop in the bucket to be on a Dual Xeon 2.4

    If you want quality, you have to pay for it. That's just all I can say.

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    8gb space for under $10 is a tough thing to find and for those that offer it they are likely overselling. Be sure to do a lot of research on any hosts that are in this range to find experience on them. Good luck in your search.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    I know that number is hard to meet, and I wasn't afraid to spend a bit more although triple my current expense was not really in the plan.

    I was acctually please to see that my current host ping time was 1/2 of what I saw going into theplanet and other datacenters for some host that were charging 4 times more with less feastures.

    So if i'm getting this good of a deal now I'm hoping that if I up the antie a bit (not triple) I should be able to find a host that requires less asprin


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    I have been using a plan at $9.95 for 7.5 gig, 80 gig bandwidth for about 6 months. It has been flawless for the static pages & mp3s that I host. has been working to turn themselves around from previous troubles and they may be suceeding. They don't seem to have a forums on their newly designed website, so it's a little hard to tell what is going on over there, although, in the past gripes, always seemed to surface on WHT.

    At the low pricepoint you are looking for, you really have to be careful because venders often cannot sustain good service at the price indefinately.

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    now were getting somewhere


    Thanks for the info I visited them and found a few threads talking about downtime and mysql being off line....seems like they have the same growing pains, but like my current host are trying to work out the details.

    I realize the $10 mark will be hard to match I'm trying to keep it under $20 with private name servers and 2 ips I don't mind paying a little more...If I don't need to buy asprin ;-) it will even out in the long run.


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