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    [Site Review] My new Portfolio

    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for taking the time to view this topic. I just got done with a redesign on my new portfolio. It's similar to my old one, but improved about 10x.

    Please give me your honest opinion on the design, colors, text, and whether or not you would hire me. I really appreciate it.

    What is the name of your site? - Online Portfolio

    Description of your site topic?
    My online web portfolio.

    What is the URL?

    Date of Launch?
    July 25th, 2005

    Thanks to everyone that views this topic in advance.

    Take care,

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    first off... i viewed some of the sites in your portfolio... and you did good work...

    something about it makes it look childish imo... ohh... the cute little butterfly and the smiley face...

    text on the images is a tad small... i'm young with a good eyesight but i know some older folks might have trouble with it... its readable... but could be bigger... i'm on a 19" monitor with 1024x768 if you need to know...

    site is dark... most of the portfolios i saw are light in colour... and look rather professional...

    once again... your work is good but your folio should be the best all the best

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    I like it for the most part .. the only thing that jumps out at me (and it may be my advancing years) is the font size - seems a little hard to read (but again, I'm old - issue might just be me)

    Nice job

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    Very nice job, except it's a bit too dark and hard to read Maybe you should try something a bit brighter?

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    Thanks everyone.

    I really appreciate all the comments from everyone. For now, I believe I'll just leave it. I'll definitely work all of these suggestions into the next one.

    Thanks again!

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    The page does seem a bit dark to me along with font seems unusally small (maybe its just me). Also maybe add a little more space for your pictures in the 3 colums seems kinda smashed together

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