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    * and - BAD!

    Never. never go with these guys. The companies ar ran by a 16 year old kiddo (I found out later)

    I paid 220 bucks, after 3 months the guy gave up his server and didn't refund me. He still owes me and other people a lot of money.

    I phoned/wrote/emailed him AND his parents (Since he was only 16) .. I only got emails saying my facts were incorrect and that i needed to stop writing them.

    The guy, called Daniel Jeyes and the Company's: and .net

    I would advice you to get yourselves a reliable webhoster, instead of these company's.

    Take care,


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    Yup looks liek they are all down.

    Next time i would advise doing some background search on your host before committing.

    Sorry to hear of your bad expierences.

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    Research goes a long way.... although it wont be foolproof, it would have likely led to a different host, for you.

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    Hmm sorry it was:

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    Personally I would never pay that much in advance to a company that I had not researched.

    It is a shame that some people operate in this manner. It makes it much harder on the honest hosts who are trying to get started.

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    If he owes a lot of people money why not file a class action lawsuit against his family?
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    I think you should report it to police or sth.

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    It seems as though it was unwise to give the webhost such a large amount of money up front. It is always wise to start out on a monthly package to test out a web host before jumping into a yearly contract. I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you. Perhaps you can take some sort of action against this young man and his parents? Good Luck choosing a new webhost. Hopefully you'll find a place which has established themselves as a trustworthy, reliable webhost.
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    Hello all,

    I apologise for how bad this may sound on my behalf.

    I would like to point out that is not connected to me at all but this is merely a person I know on the internet.

    I would also like to point out that this persons site is and is connected to warez content. Im sure most of you will know about these sites which give links to the latest movies or software which is cracked available for download.

    Our terms of service also states about not allowing anything illegal including warez sites or anything promoting this and this would resolve in a suspension and then deletion of an account.

    I would also like to state i hosted this person for 3-4 months without receiving payment.

    Mr. Bento was given a generous refund from myself, this was merely because i was sick of him contacting me and my parents with lies. Mr. Bento has lied to me and my parents and i have been able to prove everything he has said in his emails and letters to my parents. There has been no contact to me or my parents by phone, the fact our home phone number is not in the phone book or listed anywhere as my parents are in the emergency services.

    I would also like to explain that i am 16 years of age and would personally believe there is nothing wrong with this. I know of some people who started of at 16 years of age and now who are currently over the age of 18 and have been running there companies fine.

    I decided to get out of web hosting after finding out the possibilities of being able to get in trouble for what a client has done, also I was recently hacked and I believed that I didn't want to stay in the industry anymore. This is my decision for what ever reason I wish it to be but I do not want to have a bad name or for any companies I know to have bad names which are in no way involved with me in a business content.

    I would also like to say I would be careful who you believe on the internet and to play your business safe from fraudulent people.

    I wish you a good day,

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    Wow, every story really has 2 sides.

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    Correct. We have all done it, listend to one side of the story and decided thats the side we will take before listening to the other side.

    Thanks for replying mrkredo.


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    Not me. I never believe a word a noob on WHT says when it comes to dissing a company until I hear both sides.

    That's why my "nickname" for WHT is "Web Host Trashing".

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    Just curious, does this protect you if a user is involved in copyright infringements? "We are not responsible for any of our clients actions regarding copyright infringements" - (and providing you co-operate with the appropriate agency) Does that cover your backside? If not then that's a shame. =(

  15. Put The Record Straight!

    Greetings Everyone,

    My name is Tom the owner of Reloaded Hosting, i would like to just make sure that people here know the facts and to put our company name straight.

    Firstly Bento i am sorry to hear about the issues you encountered at hostvibe and would like to address these here so that people understand what happened.

    Daniel the ex-owner of Host vibe used to host you're account until he ran into some issues with yourself this was when i was asked on behalf of Daniel to host you until he managed to sort things out. I discussed this with you at the time and you where aware that i was hosting you for free until the payment issue between Daniel and you was resolved.

    After this was resolved i continued to host you for a period of a month until i had no response from you're email at which point i then suspended the account until further communication was established.

    Again i had nothing to do with the payment issue you and Daniel encountered and Reloaded Hosting has NO relation to Host Vibe in anyway. The only way i knew Daniel was the fact we met on another forum when he needed help with a piece of billing software.

    Due to the trouble you have encountered i would be more than happy to provide you with a months free hosting here at Reloaded Hosting (just make sure it`s in agreement with our TOS and nothing illegal this time ) just so you can see how awesome we really are then you can report back here that we aren't really "bad" .

    Hope this clears up some of the problems,

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