I currently hold numerous qualifications in the field of the English language and i am offering my services to any employer seeking personnel that can convey an image of professionalism that will actively entice visitors/viewers/readers to find out more. Each piece will be created with a degree of eloquence that makes your business stand out to the crowd and from the competition. Spelling and grammar is always guaranteed to be proper and correct.

The following are services that I currently offer:

  • Website Content and Draft Copy - the creation of textual content needed to fill a website. Presented and written in such a way that it shows the viewer you are a company worthy of their business.

  • Email Newsletter Marketing Content - the creation of a detailed newsletter slot that actively markets the product you wish to bring attention to. Uses a number of enticing PR techniques that draw the reader in to find out more.

  • General Copy Writing - The creation of draft copy that can be used in any form (Be it essay writing, dissertation writing or the formation of thesis) and the checking of spelling/grammar.

I have a number of examples if one should require a demonstration of ability. My fees are extremely reasonable for copy writing and PR services and are always based on the client's budget. All fees can be paid via paypal.

Turn around time is very prompt and each piece will be presented via email in the form of an MS word document. Each document will be tailored to your exact requirements and always come with unlimited revisions and amendments.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to doing business with you.


- Ricky Simpson