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    [Special] Template Slicing

    Have that brand new website template, but don't have the time to slice it yourself? Or not know HTML/CSS very well? Looking to miniize your website's markup, and speed it up?

    What I can do
    • Slice your website using XHTML 1 (Transitional or Strict), using CSS2 for positioning
    • Availability by IM, E-mail, and/or phone
    • Money Back Guarantee: Not satisfied? Then you don't pay me. Plain and simple.
    • Need help, understand what does what? I'm available to help
    What I will not do
    • Walk your dog
    • wash your windows
    • Clean your house
    • Design your site
    $80 per unique page, and $20 per subpage.

    Previous works
    Strokers Dallas*
    Live Wire Host
    The Anime Place
    Blog for baby
    * denotes currently not live
    To see more examples please point your browser to

    To contact me, please e-mail me at cameroncox [@] I will not respond to this Post or Private Messages. Thank you.

    Cameron Cox

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    I can recommend Camerons services. The work was clean and well coded. He was always helpful and available at most times online.

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