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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    I need a web host that supports remote connections to their mysql servers. I have a real estate web site and it needs to be updated daily with an application i made to make the process smoother, but the host i am currently with doesn't support remote connections. Also the host must have a petty big mysql db 500mb +/- would be good. Bandwith transfer per month should also be around the 70gb+/-. Any help offers would be appreciated and the budget for this maybe something like $15 a month, depending on how reliable the service fromt he provider would be.

    Edit: Also would like the host os to be *nix based.
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    I am sure there are many others that will disagree. However, I highly doubt you will find a reliable host offering 70gb for $15/month. In addition, if you are hosting a business site, which I presume a real estate web site would be, I would expect quality, reliability and service would be top priorities.
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    I would assume almost every host will support remote mysql connections.

    The majority of them will require a few configuration modifications (adding your IP to an allow list) but I know of very few that do not offer remote mysql connections. Afterall why wouldn't they.

    Hunt around and make a list of a few that seem decent and then start testing their support responses/response times.

    You'll shorten the list relatively quickly and have a decent host afterwards.
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    yea youll just need to get to talking to some of em via live chat or email and see if they can get the ports opened up
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    For a lot of hosts its just a case of adding your IP address into the allowed list, which many control panels allow you to do your self. Thoses that dont have in in the control panel, you will have to contact, but i dont see much reason why they wouldnt allow it.

    You other option of course, is to edit your program so it posts the info to a php script that then updates the database
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